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tempat beli tas online keren

hallo.. buat kalian yang pengen banget beli tas online keren. bisa beli di blog sederhana ini. oke, makasih atas kunjungannya. jangan lupa yah... tas kantor wanita foto

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jualan tas online keren

yups, buat kalian yang pengen beli tas online keren. atau tas ransel keren bisa beli ke gue... jangan sampe ketinggalan atau ketelatan ... oke kawan! beli tas online foto

10 Local Songs ever in Block in Indonesia

10 Local Songs ever in Block in Indonesia Today 00:56 Banning the song may already be past stories ago. However, that does not mean no longer attractive to discussed. At least, the story of these bans can be a memory not to be repeated. Usually, the ban was because koleksi tas terbaru foto of the song lyrics which violates the norms that apply in society. Or, in the language of the past, breaking SARA.Berikut 10 Local Songs ever in the Block in Indonesia, quoted from Hot.detik: 1. Udin World Figure soared through its action on YouTube through songs 'Udin World', later known as Sualuddin name as the title song, Udin World. That is to say certainly entertain through song lyrics memplesetkan Udin various names, but rather fruitful ban. The song that was released in 2011 and was considered the SARA. However, eventually the ban was lifted and finally This song can sing again. 2. Satan sketch Dumb Not be a new thing if the songs Iwan Fals get a ban. His songs are lyrical harsh social criticism, Iwan not just one or two times blocking bitter taste. One of them is the song "Dumb Sketch Satan 'that disappeared from circulation in 2000. 3. Day dream Contribute Doel famous by the song's lyrics are witty are easy to digest, but full of meaning. However, 'Meaning' that is what led to one of his songs, 'Dream Day' was banned in the '80s era. The song is judged too harshly criticizes employers that time. 4. Love and One Nights Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) also had issued a ban against dangdut song 'Love One Night 'belongs to Melinda. Lyrics of the song were released on 2012 was considered too vulgar. 5. One Hour Only Soared through the 'One Time Only' pedangdut Zaskia Gothic also had to taste the bitterness blocked. But it did not long and only a few moments The blocking occurs at the end of 2012. 6. Belah Duren Controversy seems to already embedded in the body pedangdut sexy, Julia Perez. Ranging from track to clothes was already mired in controversy. Jupe itself also had to taste the bitterness ban in 2012. Sensual song 'sandwiching' banned by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission as assessed too sexy. 7. Like most 69 Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) was not only Jupe grabbed one of the songs. KPI also block song Other Jupe entitled 'Most Likes 69'. The reason was the same as banning the song 'Cut Duren 'proprietary Jupe. Lyrics in the song is considered too vulgar. 8. Let Love 2 The title 'Let Love 2' does sound a bit naughty, Vicky Shu's song that was released in 2011 it was also had felt the ban. The song is called too pecekalan porn to get. 9. Go ahead Pregnant The song 'Go ahead Pregnant' is so famous even fame song The fame of the past have a song that is Tuti Wibowo. However, behind the success of the song tucked controversy. Lyrics 'Pregnant Go ahead' was considered too vulgar and unworthy played on the TV. Until finally Broadcasting Commission Regional Indonesia (KPID) blocked the song. 10. Perhaps Aja Pesinetron Della Puspita had tasted the world of drag sound with the release of the single 'What Aja Allow'. Unfortunately, The single did not go smoothly as it gets ban in 2012. Yet another reason too vulgar lyrics to the song reason it can not be circulated.  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 flingki Kaskuser UserID: 5614704 Join: 27-06-2013 Posts: 437    Today 00:58 funny when tuh gan udin name if not divisive duren singer weve not lagau sama2  Quote Multi Quote # 3 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:00 Quote: Original Posted By flingki ► funny when tuh gan udin name if not divisive duren singer weve not lagau sama2 haha if split durian mah Its not easy  Quote Multi Quote # 4 zeeguck Kaskuser UserID: 2095844 Join: 22-09-2010 Posts: 310    Today 01:03 gan marginal added again - yes ** in stupid CMIIW  Quote Multi Quote # 5 viyantdz Kaskuser UserID: 5186850 Join: 16-02-2013 Posts: 252    Today 01:06 do not have a job lagu2 ky gituh in block  Quote Multi Quote # 6 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:11 Quote: Original Posted By zeeguck ► gan marginal added again - yes ** in stupid CMIIW haha iya gan  Quote Multi Quote # 7 adhver Newbie UserID: 2610820 Join: 19-02-2011 Posts: 59    Today 01:11 masyaallah jupee  Quote Multi Quote # 8 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:11 Quote: Original Posted By viyantdz ► do not have a job lagu2 ky gituh in block less work really  Quote Multi Quote # 9 Ronnyprtm Kaskuser UserID: 3832328 Join: 27-12-2011 Posts: 211    Today 01:13 iya tuh gan but kasian the world udin not ngetop again  Quote Multi Quote # 10 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:14 Quote: Original Posted By adhver ► masyaallah jupee Her jupe why  Quote Multi Quote # 11 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:16 Quote: Original Posted By Ronnyprtm ► iya tuh gan but kasian the world udin not ngetop again gan really sorry but that is funny  Quote Multi Quote # 12 jamesplankton [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 2735553 Join: 23-03-2011 Posts: 1,404    Today 01:16 The title song dangdut grade gk all, tacky  Quote Multi Quote # 13 Valijaya.Store Kaskus Addict UserID: 3852554 Join: 01-01-2012 Posts: 3,605    Today 01:17 There is another gan .. Anyway song creation Ahmad Dani always vulgar "gan ..  Quote Multi Quote # 14 gudang.kita [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5599015 Join: 22-06-2013 Posts: 635    Today 01:18 udiinnntetoott ... gan dong little dirapiin tritnya post, let ga dizzy reading  Quote Multi Quote # 15 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:19 Quote: Original Posted By jamesplankton ► The title song dangdut grade gk all, tacky  Quote Multi Quote # 16 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:20 Quote: Original Posted By Valijaya.Store ► There is another gan .. Anyway song creation Ahmad Dani always vulgar "gan .. nyimak rare songs ahmad dani gan  Quote Multi Quote # 17 rajagbastian Newbie UserID: 5569920 Join: 14-06-2013 Posts: 29    Today 01:22 Quote: Original Posted By gudang.kita ► udiinnntetoott ... gan dong little dirapiin tritnya post, let ga dizzy reading Online use and new operamini join gan gan still do not understand  Quote Multi Quote # 18 Fajarajjah Kaskuser UserID: 1580197 Join: 10-04-2010 Posts: 218    Today 01:28 But the average "child in the IIPA Indonesia lo gan. Moreover, rocking ducks.  Quote Multi Quote # 19 jerry2 Kaskus Addict UserID: 2129157 Join: 02-10-2010 Posts: 1,519    Today 01:29 Wkakaka there udin worldwide, hilarious bener  Quote Multi Quote # 20 threetimesnever Kaskus activists UserID: 3248640 Join: 28-07-2011 Posts: 709    Today 01:40 pantesan vulgar2 banned the lyrics .. rule permanently banned kayak tuh split durian .. can klo his durian degustation jupe aje gapapa  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply Page 1 of 212 Go

10 Countries With the Best Reputation in the World Title

10 Countries With the Best Reputation in the World Title Today 02:27 WELCOME TO MY THREAD No Spoilerfor Repsol: "] Here are 10 Countries With the tas kantor wanita cari Best Reputation in the World According to Level of Honor Spoilerfor 10 Rating: Austria Austria in the position of the last 10. Does not mean the worst. Because Austria could beat the U.S. who now occupy 22 th position in the list. Spoilerfor Rank 9: Netherlands Full of excitement and freedom do not make the Dutch loss of reputation. The proof, this country can get 9 of the top 10 positions on the list. Spoilerfor Rank 8: Finland Scandinavian countries after Norway's second entry in the list aldah Finland. Despite having a tourist attraction that is not too different with Norway, Finland remain attractive in the eyes of tourists. Especially those who are looking for excitement in the middle of a cold region. Spoilerfor Rank 7: New Zealand Adjacent to Australia, New Zealand finished seventh. State who became known with the Hobbit State began to squirm grow and attract a lot of attention of the world. No wonder if this country could be in the list of 10 countries that have the best reputation in the world. Spoilerfor Rank 6: Denmark In the sixth, there was Denmark. This country has a comfortable atmosphere and quiet. One of the mainstays in European countries also gave the impression to visitors who travel to this country gets there so that the top 10 Spoilerfor Rank 5: Norway Back to Europe, Norway entered in the fifth position in the list. Development of tourism in the country is recognized to make them have a good reputation. Attractive attractions that can be found here, among others aurora combined with hotel and luxury resort in the middle of the ice field. Spoilerfor Rank 4: Australia Neighboring countries of the continent which has the fourth best reputation in the world is Australia. This country has many natural tourist attraction that is not dug out. Also, fun lifestyle so reasons why the country is in the list of top ten. Spoilerfor Rank 3: Switzerland Third place, Switzerland is considered to have a good reputation because of the great outdoors. Not only that, this country also has an attractive lifestyle, and security are assured. Not to forget, this country could also create a comfortable working environment. Spoilerfor Rank 2: Rating 2 At Occupy by Country Swedish The second ranked country is Sweden. This is the first European country that gets the highest position in the list of most good reputation. The higher the position, the better development of the tourist attractions in the area. Spoilerfor First Rating: Occupied By Canada Although Europe dominate the top 10 list, but the first country that has the best reputation in fact held by Canadians from Americans. Was selected based on high trust, admiration, and respect for the country. Thus Thread To Make It In Agan Science and Sista Spoilerfor Open: Spoilerfor Open: Spoilerfor Prayer: Source Last edited by: fachridien97 Today 02:57 Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 fachridien97 Newbie UserID: 5609814 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 46    Today 02:28 Pertamaxx  Quote Multi Quote # 3 flingki Kaskuser UserID: 5614704 Join: 27-06-2013 Posts: 437    Today 02:30 degree gan reputation in terms of what?  Quote Multi Quote # 4 bacinpro Kaskus Maniac UserID: 5119190 Join: 23-01-2013 Post: 4.062    Today 02:34 Where Indonesia gan? btw, stop by dong Quote: ARE YOU DOING TO-9 ERRORS IN THIS CONVERSATION?? # HT WOMAN WITH LONGEST NAME WORLD # HT SLEEP IS OLD, BUT STILL sleepy KOK YA? # HT 7 CASE THAT SHOULD NOT DO AFTER EATING # HT [HIS] 7 MINUTES OF LIFE AFTER DEATH 7 ENOUGH HORRENDOUS HOAX NEWS INDONESIA 10 INTERNET TERMS THAT ANNOYING ENOUGH  Quote Multi Quote # 5 fachridien97 Newbie UserID: 5609814 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 46    Today 02:40 Quote: Original Posted By flingki ► degree gan reputation in terms of what? Sorry forgot nyantumin, based on the level of the country's honor in the gan Quote: Original Posted By bacinpro ► Where Indonesia gan? btw, stop by dong Indonesia ga gan hope for the honor reputation naikin wong populated Maseh begene  Quote Multi Quote # 6 sakamaru Kaskus Addict UserID: 674 178 Join: 27-01-2009 Posts: 3,115    Today 02:44 The picture sweden switzerland ama same kok gan weve known scandinavia country is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful  Quote Multi Quote # 7 ahmadfatinah88 Newbie UserID: 5636043 Join: 04-07-2013 Posts: 31    Today 02:45 gan nyimak permission btw ane ya handsome and cool  Quote Multi Quote # 8 habi.nur [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5092150 Join: 14-01-2013 Posts: 2,013    Today 02:46 Canada .. pngn bngt there  Quote Multi Quote # 9 DJRizky Kaskuser UserID: 2549910 Join: 03-02-2011 Posts: 335    Today 02:46 Indonesia gan get a reputation for what?  Quote Multi Quote # 10 fachridien97 Newbie UserID: 5609814 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 46    Today 03:00 Quote: Original Posted By sakamaru ► The picture sweden switzerland ama same kok gan weve known scandinavia country is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful Sorry wrong link Quote: Original Posted By ahmadfatinah88 ► gan nyimak permission btw ane ya handsome and cool Cool gan Quote: Original Posted By habi.nur ► Canada .. pngn bngt there Get there at ane, ane gan also descendants of the original Canada Quote: Original Posted By DJRizky ► Indonesia gan get a reputation for what? Get a reputation of "10 States With Sleep At The People's Council Meeting"  Quote Multi Quote # 11 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 07:51 wow cool kanda gan  Quote Multi Quote # 12 antoposter Kaskus Addict UserID: 1069056 Join: 03-09-2009 Posts: 2,025    Today 07:56 Keren2 gan her tours, Indonesia when ya bs in?  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply

10 Biggest Fraud In History

10 Biggest Fraud In History Today 03:25 WELCOME TO MY THREAD Quote: The following are the 10 Biggest Fraud In History Spoilerfor 10 Rating: False beli tas online cari Margaret (1260-1301) was a Norwegian woman who masquerades as Margaret, daughter of the original Norwegia.Margaret had died in 1290, in Orkney, and his father King Eirik II of Norway (above) died in 1299, was replaced by his brother , Haakon V. The next year a woman arrives in Bergen, Norway, with ships sailing from Lubeck Germany, admitted sebgai Margaret, and accused several people of treason. He stated that he did not die in Orkney, but had been sent to Germany, where he married. Residents of the city and several prominent clergy support his claim, even though the late King Eirik had identified the body of a dead child, and although she was apparently 40 years old, while the age of the original Margaret 17.Margaret fake and her husband convicted of fraud: he was beheaded and burned him at the pole, in the year 1301. Spoilerfor Rank 9: Anna Anderson probably the most famous entry in this list. In 1920, Anderson appeared in a mental hospital in Germany as Jane Doe.Dia refused to disclose his identity at first, but two years later he began to claim to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, who believed (though not by all) has been executed with the rest of the family Russian empire four years earlier. Anderson is the woman most famous for claiming to be Anastasia, and she continued to enforce the claim until his death, in 1984. During his lifetime he was visited by many members of the Russian royal family - some of them support the claim, and some considered him as a fraud. his claim to fame throughout the world, and a number of films and books written about him. In 2007, the body of Anastasia Romanov was found in Russia, finally putting Anastashia original mystery story unfold. DNA tests on the hair and Anna Anderson proved he adaalah a factory worker who disappeared in Poland under the name Franziska Schanzkowska. Spoilerfor Rank 8: Helga de la Brache (09.06.1817, Stockholm - 01/11/1885, Stockholm), reaching pension kingdom by convincing the authorities that he was the secret daughter of King Gustav IV of Sweden (above) and Queen Frederica of Baden. In Exile Gustav IV and Frederica of Baden had divorced in 1812, but Helga de la Brache claimed that they had married again, quietly, "in a monastery in Germany", which resulted in him was born in Lausanne, in 1820. He was then sent to be raised by his aunt, Princess Sophia Albertine of Sweden. When the princess died in 1829, he was taken to the asylum Vadstena, so that his secret will be hidden because he would be considered gila.Kisahnya believed by many people in Sweden and Finland. even skeptics have to admit that the story, at least, theoretically possible. He receives substantial financial support from private donors. In March 1861, the king allows his annual pension from the State Department for a fee of 2,400 per-year riksdaler Sweden, (amount, from the beginning of 1200, made larger, in December 1869). The king also promised to give her a princess furniture. He managed to continue this for many years until a newspaper report led to the investigation held. Turns out she was a waitress from Stockholm who has made it all fabricated. He then in the table hijaukan, and retirement decisions result in termination of his trial. Spoilerfor Rank 7: After the emperor Nero committed suicide near the villa Freedman Phaon, in June 68 AD, many fraudsters claiming to be Nero emerged between the autumn of 69 BC and the reign of emperor Domitian. Pseudo-Nero who first appeared in the autumn of 68 BC, or early winter of 69 BC, the Roman province of Achaia, which Harini into Greek modern.Nero recently visited Greece (66-67 AD) to participate in the Panhellenic Games, and this causing some stories from the fraudster claims rather diterima.sang fraudsters, according to Tacitus, was the slave of Pontus possible, or perhaps slaves who had been free from Italy. Historians do not reveal much about the early career fraudster, except to say that the Pseudo-Nero gathered around him a group of army deserters and then went to sea where he began his career in piracy while maintaining his claim as emperor. He was eventually captured and beheaded. Spoilerfor Rank 6: Some con artists pose as Saint Joan of Arc, after he was executed in 1431. The most successful was Claude des Armoises. Claude des Armoises married knight, Robert des Armoises, and claimed to be Joan of Arc, in support of civil 1436.Dia Joan of Arc. He continues to be on the stage until 1440, getting a lot of donations and gifts. When the state in critical condition, "In the coming years of a young girl who said she was a daughter of France, and played his part so well that many deceived by him, and especially the greatest nobility." Some modern writers trying to revive this claim by asserting that some other victims replace Joan of Arc at the stake. The chances are very slim, since the cancellation of court records oath testimony from a number of witnesses who were present at the execution and confirmed his identity. Spoilerfor Rank 5: Lambert Simnel (1477 -. 1525) is posing as nobility of England. statement claiming that he was the Earl of Warwick, in 1487, threatened the newly established reign of King Henry VII (reigned 1485-1509). At the age of about ten, Simnel was taken as a pupil by Oxford-trained seorangpendeta named Roger Simon (or Richard Symonds) who apparently decided to become a kingmaker. He taught the children polite manners, and contemporaries describe the child as required tampan.Dia teaches etiquette and taught well by Symonds.Simon see a striking resemblance between Lambert and the children are supposed to be of Edward IV should be killed, so he originally intended to present Simnel as Richard, Duke of York, son of King Edward IV, the younger of the Princes in the Tower that has vanished. However, when he heard a rumor that the Earl of Warwick had died during imprisonment in the Tower of London, he changed his mind. Warwick was actually a boy about the same age and had a claim to the throne as the son of Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward IV. Simon spread rumors that Warwick actually escaped from the Tower and is under guardianship. Simon managed to collect a small number of Irish troops to support his royal claims. They clashed with the army of King on June 16, at the Battle of Stoke Field and defeated. Because he is a priest, Simon was imprisoned for life, not executed, and a young Simnel, was pardoned by the king and given a job as a spittoon carrier in the royal kitchen. Spoilerfor Rank 4: Naundorff Karl Wilhelm (1785 -? August 10, 1845) is a maker of clocks and watches from Germany who until his death claimed to be Prince Louis-Charles. Naundorff is one of the more stubborn than over 30 people who claimed to be Louis XVII. Prince Louis-Charles, son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France, was imprisoned during the French Revolution and is believed to have died in prison. However, there are various rumors monarchist sympathizers had the spirit of a young Dauphin away from the prison, and that he lived somewhere else in secret. Naundorff claimed that he was a young prince, and which are considered dead body is replaced with a deaf and mute young orphan, and that he had hidden in a secret area to escape the Temple Tower. He also claimed that he was later recaptured by Napoleon's troops and secretly kept in several dungeons throughout Europe, until finally escaping in the mid twenties. Despite the fact that Naundorff not speak French very well, he managed to convince a former member of a variety of Louis XVI's court that he was Dauphin. He seems to know everything about the private lives of the royal court, giving the correct answer to most questions and talk to the palace as if he had known them as a child. However, Princess Marie-Therese, the sister of Prince Louis, did not recognize him. He had seen pictures of this impostor, and Princess Marie claims that she did not notice her resemblance to her brother and even refused to see him, even though he never saw another claimant who is not represented by a former member of the royal court. In 1836, Marie Thérèse Naundorff sued for his alleged properties. Instead, police arrested King Louis-Philippe, confiscated all documents and deported to England. He died in 1845, in Delft, Netherlands, where he might be poisoned. Spoilerfor Rank 3: Raictor is of Eastern Orthodox monk who assumed the identity of the Byzantine Emperor Michael VII, and participated in the Norman Robert Guiscard campaign to overthrow the Byzantine Empire. At 1081, the Byzantine Empire was in chaos. Alexios I Komnenos just overthrew Nikephoros III Botaneiates, and faced with the challenges associated with the nearest invasion of the Balkans by Robert Guiscard, Norman Duke of Apulia. Guiscard had used the overthrow of Emperor Michael VII by Nikephoros III, in 1078, as an excuse to launch a massive attack against the empire. At 1081, either by a stroke of luck or with some creative manipulation, no waiting in Salerno a man claiming to be son in-law Robert, who had been deposed emperor, Michael VII. Guiscard realize that Raictor not like what he claims, but he realized that to support the claim that he could garner support for his cause. Raictor nobility managed to convince many that he is God and they agreed to come back to him with the launch of the war on the Eastern Roman Empire. he used as a puppet by Robert Guiscard, until deemed no longer necessary, and then he's like gone - and apparently secretly exiled. Spoilerfor Rank 2: Affair of the Tichborne claimant is warning about a legal case in the 19th century English case of Arthur Orton (1834-1898), a con man who claimed to be Sir Roger Tichborne (1829-1854), heir to the lost of the Tichborne Baronetcy. Sir Roger (who grew up in France and has a French accent) is believed to have died when he was lost at sea. When learning about the news of the death of his eldest son, Sir Roger's mother refuses to acknowledge that he was dead. She sent inquiries all over the world, and in November, 1865, he received a letter from an Australian lawyer, William Gibbes, who said that a man should match his description had approached him, and life as a butcher in rural New South Wales town Wagga Wagga. Sir Roger should actually London-born Arthur Orton, who at the time was using the name Tom Castro. Aside from some facial resemblance to Tichborne, he does not fit the description of the other at all. Instead of sharp features and dark hair, she has a round face and brown hair. He was also overweight and did not speak French. In addition, the first letter from Australia do not match the facts disclosed Lady Tichborne Lady Tichborne was pretty desperate, so accept him as his son and sent him money to come to his house. When in January he traveled to the Paris hotel where Lady Tichborne live, desperate woman who is "admitted" he went on as a child. The fact that Orton can not speak French do not bother him, and he gave her an allowance of £ 1,000 per year. When Lady Tichborne died, trial begins to share his legacy. The investigation found the discovery of the fraud Orton because he does not have a tattoo that belongs to Sir Roger. Orton immediately arrested and charged with perjury. He pleaded guilty to two counts of perjury, on February 28, 1874, and sentenced to hard labor for 14 years. Penalty fee is set at £ 200,000 (at least £ 10 million pounds, or 12 million U.S. dollars). Spoilerfor Rank 1: This list was rated 1 because the fraudsters managed to become the Russian Tsar with his deception. Grigory Otrepyev (false Dmitriy I) was Tsar of Russia, on July 21, 1605 until his death on May 17, 1606, with the name Dimitriy Ioannovich. He was one of the three fraudsters who claimed, during a period of civil unrest in Russia, being the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, Tsarevitch Dmitriy Ivanovich, who is expected to escape from an assassination attempt in 1591. Generally the people - people who believe that the original Dmitriy actually killed in Uglich and that this False Dmitriy's real name is Grigory Otrepyev, although it is far from it should. Otrepyev claimed that his mother (wife of Tsar Ivan) had anticipated the murder and was sent to a convent to hide. A number of people who knew Tsar Ivan later claimed that Dmitriy not resemble the young Tsarevitch. Dmitriy displays aristocratic skills like riding and literacy and speak well in two languages, Russian and Polish. Barons agreed to support him against Tsar Goudonov. He attracted a large number of followers and formed troops who fought in two battles on his behalf. When Tsar Boris died suddenly Goudonov, Russian troops began to defect to Dmitriy side and, on June 1, nobles in Moscow imprisoned the newly crowned tsar also, Feodor II and his mother who then killed. Grigory suddenly reveals itself as Tsar.Pada finally, because of rumors that Grigory intends to convert Russia to Catholicism, rebellion ensued and after only ten months of his power, he was shot dead in the Kremlin. SOURCE TS Spoilerfor Hope: Spoilerfor Refuse: Hopefully Spoilerfor: Spoilerfor kaskus for the lover: Last edited by: stevemarchello Today 03:33 Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 07:45 gile gan ga abysmally nipunya  Quote Multi Quote # 3 wahyunf Kaskuser UserID: 4934260 Join: 21-11-2012 Posts: 462    wow Today 08:03 waaah creeping gan  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply

10 Penipuan Terbesar Dalam Sejarah

10 Penipuan Terbesar Dalam Sejarah Today 03:25 WELCOME TO MY THREAD Quote: Berikut ini adalah 10 Penipuan Terbesar Dalam Sejarah koleksi tas terbaru cari   Spoilerfor Peringkat 10: False Margaret (1260-1301) adalah seorang wanita Norwegia yang menyamar sebagai Margaret,Putri dari Norwegia.Margaret yang asli telah meninggal tahun 1290, di Orkney, dan ayahnya Raja Eirik II dari Norwegia (di atas) meninggal pada tahun 1299, digantikan oleh saudaranya, Haakon V. tahun berikutnya seorang wanita tiba di Bergen, Norwegia, dengan kapal yang berlayar dari Lübeck Jerman, mengaku sebgai Margaret, dan menuduh beberapa orang melakukan pengkhianatan. Dia menyatakan bahwa dia tidak mati di Orkney, tetapi telah dikirim ke Jerman, di mana dia menikah. Penduduk kota dan beberapa tokoh rohaniawan mendukung klaimnya, meskipun almarhum Raja Eirik telah mengidentifikasi tubuh anaknya yang mati, dan meskipun wanita itu tampaknya berusia 40 tahun, sedangkan Margaret yang asli masih berusia 17.Margaret palsu dan suaminya dihukum karena penipuan: ia dipenggal dan dia dibakar di tiang, pada tahun 1301.

10 animal lover and a unique way

10 animal lover and a unique way Today 04:30 kaskuser good morning, this time I want to share about the unique cara2 animals in sex / mating. oke gan immediately wrote listened. previous check first. Inshallah Spoilerfor no Repsol: Quote: 10. TASMANIAN DEVIL (SATAN tas kantor wanita tempat TASMANIA) Spoilerfor Tasmanian Devil: The word "devil" in the name of these little creatures may be because the approach is rather rough and violent when mating process. In addition to having a mating cries can shatter glass, the Tasmanian Devil also has a bad temper and would throw whatever is there in front of him - even prospective spouses! Fortunately, this dalliance only lasted three days, at which point the "devil" female finally had enough and then kicked the "devil" violent male who is free from the restraints. So it is not surprising that the decoy tend to live alone. 9. Whiptail lizard (LIZARDS TAIL WHIP) Spoilerfor whiptail lizard: Amphibians are not wasting time searching for his mate. Because in fact, in this species, there is no "Laki2"! Thanks to evolution, no males, making female whiptail lizards have found a way around its in vitro. That a female will release a wave of testosterone and mimic the behavior of males is sufficient to trigger reproduction in other females, so that they can lay eggs and fertilize themselves. That's the power of the female?!! 8. Crested Macaque (MONKEY crested) Spoilerfor crested monkey: These animals are the inhabitants of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, almost nothing is monogamous, for both males and females will mate berkali2 with multiple partners during their lifetime. However, what makes it unique is the lover of the female's way of letting others know that they are interested in, when he's in a good mood that, crested monkey ass female will fill with fluid and swell like a giant red balloon. Very clear as possible, and effective. 7. PEACOCK (PEACOCK) Spoilerfor peacock: Show off may not always be the best tactic to attract the opposite sex, but for the peacock, that's a miracle. This bird is the pride of India's first woman meanangkap attention by pretending to find food, then switch focus to vibrate its tail, wag more than 200 feathers that can reach 8 feet wide. This feature is important for females to assess - the amount of the male tail spots are directly related to health and longevity, and the more points, the better. In this case, the same quantity with quality. 6. EUROPEAN bitterling (FISH bitterling EUROPE) Spoilerfor bitterling fish: This fish is a freshwater fish, the process begins with the male's mate who flaunt the best dance moves in the hope of a clam mjd interested. If the fish managed to get attention, shells serve as the best asset to lure a female bitterling. Think of it in this case, if the shell was big enough for him, then the female will extend the time, and lay eggs shells into the tube, which will then be fertilized by the male. Shells then serves as an incubator or maybe some sort of surrogate mother? 5. Demoiselle Cranes (Demoiselle crane) Spoilerfor crane: If one bird heron is challenging agan in a competition dance revolution, better agan resist alone. Because this bird is the master of fast dancing, and not just using dance techniques to attract a mate, but also as a way to get them out hormones. In fact, if they do not dance, they can not lay eggs, so their survival is totally dependent on the dancing. 4. INDIAN Rhinoceros (RHINO INDIA) Spoilerfor rhino india: Male Indian rhino loves the scent of the female, but in this case, it is not like perfume scent. But the female is a smell of urine needed to get his running motors, and with a sense of smell that rival dogs, rhinos can take the scent more than a mile away. Both men and women are so close that they often co-exist first and ask questions later. Once they close and personal, the process became a kind of game mating chase, with the females, they play hard to get and keep a husband in tow for three days. 3. RED-Sided Garter SNAKE (SNAKE RED SIDE BINDING) Spoilerfor snake belt red side: The females in this species greatly outnumbered, kira2 to 3000 males for every one female. With these opportunities, it's no wonder single competition happening scene for the stud, and it makes difficult the ability of females to produce sexy pheromones that drive the male wild. But many males have to learn quickly how to mimic the scent to distract their opponents, which basically acts like a female to get a prospective partner. 2. Kakapo PARROT (kakapo parrot) Spoilerfor kakapo parrot: This rare parrot makes his home in the jungle of New Zealand, but because these birds rarely fly, it is important to attract potential mates around to them. This is not an easy task for a stud might try to pull one of six females were viable on an island the size of Manhattan. With a hope of a female will give all his life, then the males do the singing up to 10,000 times a day. Singing out at low frequencies, that is more felt than heard, but also so powerful that his voice can be heard up to three miles. Well, then it's a love song! 1. Redback Spider (RED BACK SPIDER) Spoilerfor Redback spider: Redback spiders topped the list of animal lovers because these arachnids really would kill for some action - and indeed! Mating process begins with stud backs turned to sexual positions, female mocked by placing genitals directly in front of the poisonous fangs. Guess that's one way to say, "Come and get it!" Females are excited, biting her lover, but before the poison sets in, males away from the female's deadly embrace. Too bad he was not able to leave the females just - he finally returned, only to be willing to be eaten by the female. Well ... it benar2 genuine sacrifice in love ... So trid of ane, a good newbie always leave traces. TS is more appreciated than Silent Rider Junker. Please reply or just do not deign Quote: source  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 theonewman Kaskus Addict UserID: 472 143 Join: 06-06-2008 Posts: 1,654    Today 05:43 gan pertamaxx  Quote Multi Quote # 3 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 07:41  preferably still we gan way bercintanya  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply  Previous Thread Next Thread

He's 10 Best Small Companies in the U.S.!!

He's 10 Best Small Companies in the U.S.!! Today 08:09 - Despite the Indonesian government continues to hamper imports of wheat flour with the enactment of Duty Security Act Temporary (BMTPS) to import wheat flour by 20% which is valid for 200 days, starting from beli tas online tempat December 5, 2012, wheat flour imports continue to flow. Government plans to impose tariffs and rules also import quotas for two years. If wheat exports from those countries exceed the quota set by the government, will be subject to import duties. Every year, the plan, the government will provide quota imports 320,000 tons of wheat flour. Based on existing data, the figure was about 50% of the volume of imports of wheat per year between 700000-750000 tons. Approximately 95% of the import quota will be awarded to the three countries, namely Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. The remaining 5% is open for other countries to be filed. Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded from January to May 2013 there were imports of wheat flour as much as 75.8 thousand tons with a value of U.S. $ 34 million or Rp 323 billion. Here's 5 largest flour supplier countries to Indonesia, detikFinance quoted on Wednesday (03/07/2013): Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a major supplier of wheat flour and the countries that will be imposed quotas on imports of wheat flour. In the first 5 months of this year, as many as 44 thousand tons of wheat flour with a value of U.S. $ 20.8 million into the ground water of this state. In May alone, there were imports of 6,755 tons with a value of U.S. $ 3 million. Wheat flour imports occurred in April is 13.6 thousand tons with a value of U.S. $ 6.4 million. India Although not included in the country which will be subject to a quota of wheat flour, but India being the second largest country supplying flour to the ground water. From January to May 2013 occurred imported wheat flour as much as 15.5 thousand tons with a value of U.S. $ 6.5 million. In May, the biggest import occurs in the first 5 months of this year, which is 5,578 tons with a value of U.S. $ 2.3 million from the state. Ukraine The country is included in the state plan will be subject to a quota of wheat flour. Within the first 2 months of 2013, a total of 5,721 tons of wheat flour with a value of U.S. $ 2.3 million into the ground water. Wheat flour imports from this country is not the case since March 2013. Turkey Although belonging to the state which will dikenaik wheat import quotas, but wheat flour imports from these countries into the ground water remains even in small quantities. From January to May 2013, carrying 5,619 tons of wheat flour imported into the country with a value of U.S. $ 2.2 million. For the month of May, there were no imports of wheat flour from the country. Japan Imports of wheat flour from Sunrise this country as much as 1,252 tons with a value of U.S. $ 620 thousand in the first 5 months of 2013. In May alone, a total of 543.5 tons of wheat flour imports with a value of U.S. $ 253.6 thousand in from the Sakura country.  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD Post Reply  Previous Thread Next Thread

10 OST Video Games Terbaik Sepanjang Masa [+Video]

10 OST Video Games Terbaik Sepanjang Masa [+Video] Today 09:58 Bismillah... Asalamualaikum Gimana kabarny agan/sis? mudah2an sehat wal afiat. Langsung aja, ngak pake lama, mudah2an tidak dan Kali ini ane mo sekedar share mengenai 10 OST koleksi tas terbaru tempat video games terbaik sepanjang masa. Semoga bermanfaat, menghibur dan menambah wawasan. =D 10. Beyond Good & Evil Spoilerfor Info: Meskipun game action-adventure milik Ubisoft tahun 2003 ini tidak terlalu sukses di pasaran, namun musiknya jelas merupakan sesuatu yang menonjol. Pengarang film asal Prancis, Christophe Heral, menggunakan bahasa dan instrumen yang bervariasi dari seluruh dunia untuk menciptakan melodi nan indah dalam game. Spoilerfor listen to it: 9. HALO Spoilerfor Info: Lagu-lagu HALO yang dikarang oleh Marty O'Donnell dan Mike Salvatori (keduanya Amerika) memiliki motif kenangan dalam dunia gaming modern. Hanya beberapa games yang memiliki soundtrack ikonis. Game ini berhasil memadukan Kidung (Gereja) Gregorian dengan untaian alunan-alunan bergaya rock-opera yang akan menarik agan dalam petualangan luar angkasa. Spoilerfor listen to it: 8. Castlevania Spoilerfor Info: Dua komposer wanita, Kinuyo Yamashita dan Michiru Yamane, adalah figur yang selama ini bekerja menciptakan musik dalam serial game castlevania. Hal ini merupakan sesuatu yang langka karena industri musik game biasanya didominasi oleh kaum adam. Organ pipa dalam video game = mengagumkan! Spoilerfor listen to it: 7. Final Fantasy X Spoilerfor Info: Game Final Fantasy X (FFX) digubah oleh sang komposer regular serial FF, Nobuo Uematsu, bersama Masashi Hamauzu dan Junya Nakano. FFX merupakan pertama kalinya seri Final Fantasy dimana Uematsu tidak bekerja sebagai komposer tunggal. Hasilnya? Agan2 yang pernah main game FFX pasti tau dong... Spoilerfor listen to it: 6. Sonic The Hedgehog Spoilerfor Info: Game Sonic yang pertama merupakan sebuah inovasi orisinil dalam berbagai aspek, dan musiknya yang dikarang oleh Masato Nakamura termasuk dalam aspek yang istimewa tersebut. Musik game ini luar biasa dan mudah diingat, mengingat keterbatasan konsol Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, hingga setiap lagu pada setiap level sesuai sekali dengan aksi-aksi Sonic. Spoilerfor listen to it: 5. World of Warcraft Spoilerfor Info: Suara-suara terompet yang menggelegar, nada-nada yang kuat, paduan suara yang menakjubkan, melodi yang luar biasa, perkusi yang hebat serta kualitas produksi musik yang sempurna telah membuat musik dari serial game MMORPg ini menjadi "sesuatu banget". Sang komposer adalah Russell Brower dan Jason Hayes (keduanya Amerika). Spoilerfor listen to it: 4. The Legend of Zelda Spoilerfor Info: Pernah ada kejadian dalam sebuah konser simfoni dimana seorang pria dewasa yang terlihat gagah tiba-tiba mulai menangis termehek-mehek seperti bayi ketika para pemian orkestra memainkan lagu Zelda. Lagu Zelda yang digubah oleh Koji Kondo ini memang sudah sangat melegenda. Spoilerfor listen to it: 3. Final Fantasy VII Spoilerfor Info: Menyinggung soal best-selling videogame soundtrack, maka lagu-lagu karangan Nobuo Uematsu adalah juaranya. Ketika diadakan konser-konser musik video games live, maka lagu-lagu yang paling sering diminta untuk dimainkan adalah "One Winged Angel", alias "Sephirot's Theme". Sementara itu, lagu "Aerith's Theme" baru-baru ini dipilih untuk masuk dalam daftar Classic FM Classical Music Hall of Fame. Spoilerfor listen to it: 2. Super Mario Bros Spoilerfor Info: Lagu Super Mario Bros yang digubah oleh Koji Kondo (penggubah lagu Zelda juga), telah menghabiskan waktu bercokol dalam Billboard Hot Ringtones lebih lama dari lagu video game manapun dalam sejarah. Musik Mario merupakan soundtrack bagi generasi yang tumbuh dan besar di tahun 1980-an. Spoilerfor listen to it: 1. Final Fantasy VIII Spoilerfor Info: Tidak ada yang mampu mengalahkan Final Fantasy VIII dalam hal musik video game. Dimulai dari lagu sinematik pembukaan "Liberi Fatali" yang luar biasa hingga "Eyes on Me" yang benar-benar indah dan emosional, sang komposer Nobuo Uematsu telah menciptakan salah satu OST game terbaik sepanjang masa. Spoilerfor listen to it: Spoilerfor sumber: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube & Buku Guiness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition Tolong bantu rate ya jika berkenan.. =D Ane juga tidak menolak dan akan senang sekali jika ada yang ingin memberikan Ditunggu komennya gan. Spoilerfor Bonus: Tahukah agan? Hironobu Sakaguchi, sang pembuat game serial Final Fantasy, menaruh kata "Final" ke dalam judul game karena pada saat itu Final Fantasy (1987) adalah usaha terakhirnya dalam merancang game hit - dia awalnya berencana untuk berhenti dari dunia industri game dan hendak meneruskan kuliah di universitas. Namun apa yang terjadi? Sejarah dan waktu telah menjawabnya. Tambahan dari Kaskuser: Spoilerfor aspirasi agan ditampung: Melodies of Life dari Final Fantasy X Mega man ~acapella version~ Spoilerfor Thread ane yg laen: 13 Puisi Terbaik Chairil Anwar Sepanjang Masa Jangan Biarkan Dia Menjadi Mantan Terindah Bagi Hatimu 5 Perayaan Ultah Terunik di Dunia *Hot Thread* 5 Salam/Sapaan Terunik di Dunia *Hot Thread* Hotel Melati di Jakarta Penuh Dibooking ABG Last edited by: Kurani Today 11:01 Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd – Create an KasAD/Buat Iklan KasAD #2 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Post: 850 Today 09:58 wah lagu2nya sih sering denger gw gan Multi Quote Quote #3 profesor.idiot Kaskus Addict UserID: 2328208 Join: 02-12-2010 Post: 2,148 Today 10:01 Setuju nih, ane paling suka "Eyes On Me", kalau yang lainnya sih kagak tahu Multi Quote Quote #4 firman97 Newbie UserID: 5633098 Join: 03-07-2013 Post: 64 Today 10:01 Memang Terbaik dari yang baik PILIH ARSENAL ATAU INDONESIA? A. ARSENAL B. INDONESIA AYOO PILIHLAH SESUAI KEHENDAK AGAN Multi Quote Quote #5 Kurani Kaskus Addict UserID: 3073091 Join: 15-06-2011 Post: 3,526 Today 10:02 Quote: Original Posted By raja_cendol ► wah lagu2nya sih sering denger gw gan cepet amat ente gan??? Multi Quote Quote #6 anche82 Kaskuser UserID: 1780944 Join: 15-06-2010 Post: 443 Today 10:05 gan Melodies of Life dari FFIX ama The Best is Yet To Come dari Metal Gear Solid Multi Quote Quote #7 drajatRevenge Kaskuser UserID: 4322968 Join: 06-05-2012 Post: 470 Today 10:17 super mario bross gan yang ga bakal bisa dilupain dan semua orang pasti tau Multi Quote Quote #8 bonebine Kaskuser UserID: 721719 Join: 08-03-2009 Post: 162 Today 10:19 Jd kgn mainin gamenya lagi Game itu ada 3 faktor utama yg bikin enak dimainin klo menurut ane.gameplay, storyline, terakir adalah music nya.klo salah satu faktor itu ada yg kurang ane pasti gk puas ato cpt bosen maininnya Multi Quote Quote #9 pheril Kaskus Holic UserID: 1372899 Join: 24-01-2010 Post: 909 Today 10:20 Jadi inget pertama kali gue punya console game sega kok ga ada megaman gan? terus tambahin gan di final fantasi XII yang lagu pas lagi perang Last edited by: pheril Today 10:24 Multi Quote Quote #10 lovenes Newbie UserID: 5632359 Join: 03-07-2013 Post: 59 Today 10:25 Spehirot music bagus kata anee Multi Quote Quote #11 Puma [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 1359 Join: 04-02-2002 Post: 1,745 Today 10:33 paling banyak ost final fantasy Multi Quote Quote #12 Kurani Kaskus Addict UserID: 3073091 Join: 15-06-2011 Post: 3,526 Today 10:43 Quote: Original Posted By Puma ► paling banyak ost final fantasy iya gan.. rekor tuh serial FF. dunia pun mengakuinya. Multi Quote Quote #13 HerryMasafumi Kaskus Maniac UserID: 1125174 Join: 05-10-2009 Post: 4,879 Today 10:48 sebenarnya masih banyak gan OST gmae yg bagus2...cuma itu yg ente pajang adalah hasil polling dari gamers di seluruh dunia yg terbaik...OST CoD BO jg bagus, OST DMC jg bagus, apa lg kalo lagu2 di Guitar Hero wkwkkwkw nggak perlu dibahas jg bagus wkkwkw series FF buanyak...sampe ane sendiri gak hapal mana yg FF 1 atau FF 9 bingung dahh...wkwkkwkw Last edited by: HerryMasafumi Today 10:49 Multi Quote Quote Post Reply Previous Thread Next Thread

10 Women Most Feared Gangster in the World

10 Women Most Feared Gangster in the World Today 09:45    In addition to Al Capone, mafioso-mafioso following women equally gahar of mafia men. Of the "Cocaine Godmother" Griselda Blanco to human smugglers Cheng Chui Ping to Australia frightening menawan tas kantor wanita woman Judy Moran, the following ane 10 women show a very dangerous ... This Spoilerfor him: 1. Angie Sanclemente Valencia Spoilerfor 1: The former underwear model was involved in drug trafficking circles, he and other fellow models carrying a bag of cocaine from Argentina to London. International arrest warrant for a woman from Columbia was issued by Interpol and after being a fugitive for five months, he was eventually arrested in Argentina in 2010, states that once a detention place until now. 2. Judy Moran Spoilerfor 2: Life of the mother of this crime family looks like the story of the film, even the story of his life is very similar to the 'Animal Kingdom', a crime drama from Australia who may terinpirasi story. Next husband was killed and her partner, as well as his two sons, before he was convicted in the murder of brother-in-law. 3. Griselda Blanco Spoilerfor 3: The "Cocaine Godmather" is masterminding drug trafficking routes between Colombia and Miami, every year he smuggled three tons of white powder to the U.S.. Criminal record, including a woman from Colombia's other children killed at the age of 11 years old, stabbed competitors at Miami Airport, and find strategies biker murder. Ironically, he was also shot dead motorcyclist in September 2012. 4.Cheng Chui Ping Spoilerfor 4: If viewed from the outside, the restaurant Yeng Sun at 47 East Broadway, New York is not much different from other typical Chinese dining. But it is the business of smuggling human guise, he received hundreds of millions of dollars after approximately 3,000 residents illegally smuggled into the United States, most of them still owed him. Now he is serving a prison sentence in the U.S. for 35 years. 5. Sandra Avila Beltrán Spoilerfor 5: Niece of the boss of the Mexican drug trafficking Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is known as the "queen of the Pacific" after running the most powerful drug cartel of Mexico. It uses the power of seduction to seduce the ports of drugs and the police to help him, he even married with two former police chief and underwent an affair with Colombian drug dealer known as "Tiger." He is awaiting trial after being extradited to the U.S.. 6. Concetta Scalisi Spoilerfor 6: After his father and brother were killed, Concetta control Scalisi mafia family in Catania, Italy. He was uncompromising, as he showed when he killed three family members away. When he was arrested for the murder of the three cases, he threw a glass and cut herself with glass shards that to be hospitalized than having to put behind bars. Wow ... 7. Rosetta Cutolo Spoilerfor 7: People who are "cold-faced" this became de facto leader of the family one of the most powerful Italian mafia, Nuova Camorra Organizzata. After his brother was arrested Raffaele, Rosetta run their family business. He became a fugitive for more than 10 years, after failing to blow up a police station. After his arrest he was charged with nine murders. 8. Stephanie St. Clair Spoilerfor 8: The Martinique-born gangster established itself in New York in the 1920s by running a number of illegal businesses. When Dutch Schultzmencoba subdue it, he managed to fight with the help of his "Bumpy" Johnson. When Schultz was lying in the hospital, after being shot, Stephanie St. Clair sent him a message saying, "You reap what you sow." 9. Maria Licciardi Spoilerfor 9: The first female leader of the Licciardi clan add prostitution to the underground business mafia family was in Napoli, business previously forbidden by mafioso. He was involved in a war with its competitors mafia family, killing dozens of people, though he managed to escape until he was arrested in 2001. However, despite currently undergoing jail term, Licciardi clan is believed to still lead the business. 10. Raffaella D'Alterio Spoilerfor 10: Women with mafia nickname "Big Cats Females" is the lead business-D'Alterio Pianese clan based in Naples for six years after her husband was killed. During the period kepemimpinnya he had been shot by a family of competitors, but he manages to survive, he is now being held by the Italian authorities for acts of extortion, robbery, selling drugs, and possession of illegal weapons.     soember  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 09:45 wew Indonesia kok ga gan that nero  Quote Multi Quote # 3 2ndsusterngesot Newbie UserID: 5636004 Join: 04-07-2013 Posts: 25    Today 09:50   Last edited by: 2ndsusterngesot Today 09:51 Multi Quote Quote # 4 qjo_doank Kaskuser UserID: 1040603 Join: 19-08-2009 Posts: 221    Today 09:51 Kyna clear that the number 1 gan, but scary yaa kelakuannyaa  Quote Multi Quote # 5 lovenes Newbie UserID: 5632359 Join: 03-07-2013 Posts: 59    Today 09:55 CMA is really beautiful kliatan 1 huh? the rest is scary and old  Quote Multi Quote # 6 toyoter Kaskus activists UserID: 1847299 Join: 06-07-2010 Posts: 630    Today 10:11 Quote: Original Posted By qjo_doank ► Kyna clear that the number 1 gan, but scary yaa kelakuannyaa Quote: Original Posted By lovenes ► CMA is really beautiful kliatan 1 huh? the rest is scary and old gan former palace pakean models  Quote Multi Quote # 7 Pazonda95 Kaskus Geek UserID: 2665390 Join: 05-03-2011 Posts: 24.928    Today 10:12 no.1 cool: no.2 oalah  Quote Multi Quote # 8 rifkyalfathan Kaskus Addict UserID: 4720083 Join: 11-09-2012 Posts: 1,134    Today 10:15 No.. 1  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply  Previous Thread Next Thread

Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

jual tas wanita keren murah abis

jual tas wanita keren

jual tas wanita keren
cari yang murah murah ya disini tempatnya... kamu anak daerah mana? bagi kamu kamu yang kesuliatn mencari tas keren dan cocok buat hari menawan beli tas online hari kamu, mungkin hobby kamu. kamu bisa deh beli di blog sederhana ini. cukup aja kunjungi link yang tertera di blog ini. kamu bisa cari tas yang keren yang sesuai keinginan kamu... jangan sampai terlambat,s ehingga kehabisan stok. jadi nggak keren deh!

tas ransel wanita keren

tas ransel wanita keren

tas ransel wanita keren

nah, ini kami jalan tas ransel wanita keren abis. bisa buat kamu kamu yang ngga habis gaya. kamu bisa beli tas disini dan bisa di buat kado atau apapun yang kamu inginkan. gimana ?

menawan koleksi tas terbaru

daripada membeli di tempat yang ngga jelas. mendingan beli di web ini, murah meriah memuaskan. ga salah deh kamu nyasar di blog ini. oke, bila kamu kesulita, bisa menghubungi CS kita. oke? gimana? jangan sampe kelamaan sehingga stok habis. beli sekarang juga

tas wanita kantor yang oke punya

tas wanita kantor

tas wanita kantor
hallo ladies, lagi binggung nyari tas? bila kamu bosen dengan tas yang itu itu aja. silakan kunjungi situs ini untuk mencari tas yang oke punya. daripada bingung mengelilingi kota untuk mencari tas canti untuk wantia, mendingan ke sini aja oke. menarik tas kantor wanita

10 Reaction The Obscene Scenes At Suddenly Appears on Television

10 Reaction The Obscene Scenes At Suddenly Appears on Television Today 05:03 ALL THREAD CATASTOR.MINGS Spoilerfor Repost: Quote:, Tokyo: Film and television series in the present often show scenes hot. Impressions that have menarik beli tas online not seen the kids deserve it can appear in the most unexpected and surprising. This is what makes people react awkwardly. Especially if the woman was alone with her boyfriend. Different again if you watch TV with the whole family on the couch. According to the survey, not just a western family who become confused when suddenly there was a sex scene in tontotan family. In some countries are also experiencing the same thing. As quoted Rocketnews24, Thursday (07/04/2013), if there is an unwanted spectacle of it, usually the mother moves into uncomfortable and father cleared his throat before replacing it. The awkwardness when a family could rise, given the increasing number of impressions that show breasts or other private parts. Niconico News conducted a survey on Japanese television and found that 45 of the most common family reactions if surprised at the unexpected show. Here's the reaction that often occurs when people see the hot scenes on television: Spoilerfor 1: Spoilerfor 2: Spoilerfor 3: Spoilerfor 4: Spoilerfor 5: Spoilerfor 6: Spoilerfor 7: Spoilerfor 8: Spoilerfor 9: Spoilerfor 10: Quote: If that agan tuh lakuin what if there are more HOT movie scene? hayo admit all his if ane hell 1,2,5,10 kadang2 instead ane yg pura2 to toilet / room to others are Spoilerfor Sources: Thank you for visiting the thread catastor.mings Last edited by: catastor.mings Today 05:04 Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 catastor.mings [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5529618 Join: 02-06-2013 Posts: 506    Today 05:04 Pertamax secured from huckster, spammers, etc. Last edited by: catastor.mings Today 05:04 Multi Quote Quote # 3 2JackofSpade Kaskus Addict UserID: 2683275 Join: 10-03-2011 Posts: 2,102    Today 05:05    brasa # bgt gan jleb    Quote Multi Quote # 4 habi.nur [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5092150 Join: 14-01-2013 Posts: 2,013    Today 05:06 kluarga kalo ane gak gnian even tell anymore ...  Quote Multi Quote # 5 willneverdie Newbie UserID: 5093336 Join: 15-01-2013 Posts: 61    Today 05:06 ane silent as hell not going apa2, but if Adek ane directly throe ngeganti channel  Quote Multi Quote # 6 catastor.mings [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5529618 Join: 02-06-2013 Posts: 506    Today 05:08 Quote: Original Posted By 2JackofSpade ►    brasa # bgt gan jleb   jleb ya? which tuh klo ane what number?  Quote Multi Quote # 7 zach354 Kaskus Addict UserID: 2168804 Join: 17-10-2010 Posts: 3,396    Today 05:10 Oh no ya already going fast, no obscene trit  Quote Multi Quote # 8 NandaGDaze Kaskus Addict UserID: 4439155 Join: 12-06-2012 Posts: 1,392    Today 05:10 pict gk there yah gan?  Original ® ° By NandaGDaze   "Fuck texting. I want you here."    Posted by: NandaGDaze a.k.a Nanda Rizki Ramadan  Quote Multi Quote # 9 catastor.mings [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5529618 Join: 02-06-2013 Posts: 506    Today 05:11 Quote: Original Posted By zach354 ► Oh no ya already going fast, no obscene trit bkn this time trit obscene gan aja klo just want to know that where kl clay newbie lewd scene on tv  Quote Multi Quote # 10 h4nd [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 121 105 Join: 20-11-2005 Posts: 2,299    Today 05:13 koq we do not have that option staring at ya bareng2  Quote Multi Quote # 11 meivalreza Kaskus Addict UserID: 3396749 Join: 06-09-2011 Posts: 1,550    Today 05:15 ane aja ma cool, mengngap all as usual  Quote Multi Quote # 12 andrefariza [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 2622743 Join: 22-02-2011 Posts: 2,098    Today 05:16 gan kurang2in make obscene trit This already entered the month of Ramadan  Quote Multi Quote # 13 threetimesnever Kaskus activists UserID: 3248640 Join: 28-07-2011 Posts: 709    Today 05:17 gan ane everything lakuin Quote: Original Posted By andrefariza ► gan kurang2in make obscene trit This already entered the month of Ramadan gabaca chase ya posting content Last edited by: threetimesnever Today 05:18 Multi Quote Quote # 14 f.thika Newbie UserID: 5562247 Join: 11-06-2013 Posts: 84    Today 05:18 almost all gan but not who fled to toilet on ngapainhayo in the toilet?  Quote Multi Quote # 15 jarvis13 Kaskuser UserID: 5528635 Join: 01-06-2013 Posts: 144    Today 05:18 5 ama 10  Quote Multi Quote # 16 catastor.mings [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5529618 Join: 02-06-2013 Posts: 506    Today 05:24 Quote: Original Posted By f.thika ► almost all gan but not who fled to toilet on ngapainhayo in the toilet? wah si agan also like doing klo to the toilet?  Quote Multi Quote # 17 catastor.mings [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5529618 Join: 02-06-2013 Posts: 506    Today 05:25 Quote: Original Posted By NandaGDaze ► pict gk there yah gan?  Original ® ° By NandaGDaze   "Fuck texting. I want you here."    Posted by: NandaGDaze a.k.a Nanda Rizki Ramadan of his sources is also ga gan cuman no illustrations aja thx agan make his pict, ane kok Myspace taro in pekiwan  Quote Multi Quote # 18 Jonestoloyo Kaskus Holic UserID: 4383493 Join: 24-05-2012 Posts: 972    Today 05:26 Nice share agan  Quote Multi Quote # 19 andrefariza [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 2622743 Join: 22-02-2011 Posts: 2,098    Today 05:26 that no 5  Quote Multi Quote # 20 zayyidfine Kaskus Addict UserID: 5497247 Join: 22-05-2013 Posts: 2,369    Today 05:29 Quote: Original Posted By andrefariza ► that no 5 Agan ane agree that this same  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply Page 1 of 41 234 Go  Previous Thread Next Thread

10 The findings were not Make Money for inventor

10 The findings were not Make Money for inventor Today 07:11 Today the mouse (the mouse) is the computer equipment that has been used menarik koleksi tas terbaru very plural. However, Douglas Engelbart, researcher and inventor of the mouse, who died on Tuesday (02/07/2013), apparently never get royalties from patent mouse. Engelbart was not alone about the work that is bring in money even if used at all corners of the earth. At least, there are 10 works equally well known in the world Like a plural mice, but not a source of money for the inventor. What are some of the work? Also who is the inventor? 01. LED lights. Quote: It is a small light that is widely used in electronic devices even in its development have also begun to be used as a small lamp lighting because electricity consumption is needed. LED lighting is the inventor Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1962. Holonyak long ago have predicted these lights will replace Edison's light bulb works. Holonyak colleagues argue he deserves a Nobel prize for his invention. However, Holonyak just replied with a simple: "It's ridiculous to think that someone owes something (to me). Lucky to be alive when I come to it." 02. Post-it Notes. Quote: Office workers or those who often deal with documents and messages are generally familiar with this stuff. A piece of paper with adhesive on one part, which allows a message or a note taped, but can just as easily be moved or removed later. 3M sells billions of post-it notes per year, but the inventors did not get rich from it. They are Spencer Silver, who in 1968 developed the adhesive with a characteristic "movable" and Art Fry, who had the idea of ​​a "record pointer" which can be pasted in a book singing. 03. AK-47 rifle. Quote: Legendary rifle and allegedly the most widely used in the world is the design of Mikhail Kalashnikov. He is also just died last week designing this rifle after completion of treatment of wounds in World War II. The latest news, health is under intensive monitoring. 04. Sapphire Stylus. Quote: This may no longer work often found these days. But, in his time, finding Marie Killick tool is very useful for playing LPs. In 1958, he won his lawsuit to obtain this license from Pye, but the following year went bankrupt. 05. Hovercraft. Quote: This is sort of a float boat with air tires as a baseline. Sir Christopher Cockerell using a vacuum cleaner and a can to test the theory when he developed a hovercraft. Ships results of this theory was first passed in 1959 from Calais to Dover. Cockerell get the award, but was for many years had to fight hard just to get a lump sum from the National Research Development Corporation. 06. Tetris game. Quote: Despite categorized as "old game", Tetris still be found to this day. Russian programmers to develop this game with his friends in the research center funded by the Russian government in 1985. He just started getting royalties 10 years later when he founded The Tetris Company. 07. The wind-up radio. Quote: This equipment inventor, Trevor Baylis, recently said he could no longer live in his house in London, England. Although his work sold millions of units around the world, he had no control, let alone profit from the product. He argued there was always something made for money . 08. Karaoke machine. Quote: Tool that is still popular to this day made by Daisuke Inoue. Starting from he who was unable to come play drums for a band that usually accompany visitors sing. He make what is now known as the karaoke machine so that the visitors bar was still able to sing to the accompaniment of music he had recorded beforehand. Inou not to patent it and barely get yen from the tool. 09. MP3 format. Quote: For Internet users and computer equipment, mp3 format very familiar to listen to music and sound recordings. Inventor of the sound file formats are Karlheinz Brandenburg, which in 1980 is a doctoral student in Germany. Because no money to distribute his work, he spread the mp3 format as shareware, aka almost free with the hope or peg donations from users. 10. alias www world wide web. Quote: All Internet users today are familiar row of three letters that start address of a site although now not the only one. Inventor of the internet procedure is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who made it to facilitate the work of researchers at the CERN laboratory in Europe. He argues, with the success of the deployment of these findings is that the procedure is appropriate freely available and free of charge. Quote: Of the works above, the statement Dr Tilly Blyth, Keeper of Engineering and Technology at the Science Museum, seems represent. "Not all inventors are driven to make money, but some would like to make a contribution to the common good." According to Blyth, people tend to see the product as a research and commercial development. But, in fact, he said, the public and the government that deliver a discovery to some extent. "If you look at the iPhone, you think it's a great invention of Steve Jobs and Apple. However, vital components such as screens, chips, processors, and their origin is in all government-funded research," said Blyth. Many studies, he stated, are from pure mind and "Blue Skies", which is performed in public research facilities with the objective good of mankind, not to make money. TS Quote: "Not all inventors are driven to make money, but some would like to make a contribution to the common good." Source Quote: Hope TS: 1. Rated 2. In Comment 3. In Cendolin Last edited by: yuriefun Today 10:00 Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 arifandy Kaskus activists UserID: 79283 Join: 01-05-2005 Posts: 586    Today 07:13 presto, bablas huckster ne  Quote Multi Quote # 3 Savia Kaskus Addict UserID: 450 615 Join: 01-05-2008 Posts: 2,062    Today 07:15 whereas findings hebat2 yes tp thanks to the many people can benefit  Quote Multi Quote # 4 jojov [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 2077998 Join: 17-09-2010 Post: 8.215    Today 07:20 kasian yes inventor. patent issues yes  Quote Multi Quote # 5 paktebong Kaskuser UserID: 5524913 Join: 31-05-2013 Posts: 170    Today 07:22 gan extraordinary, they were more concerned with the common good rather than personal gain nice share gan, ane gan saranin added pict, let labih greget  Quote Multi Quote # 6 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 07:30  wkwkwk really sorry gan inventor  Quote Multi Quote # 7 septian992 Kaskus Addict UserID: 3590198 Join: 29-10-2011 Posts: 2,099    Today 08:01 very sorry for not get a royalty despite the work that generated quite familiar  Quote Multi Quote # 8 telkominfokom Newbie UserID: 5629323 Join: 02-07-2013 Posts: 60    Today 08:07 Gan patenin not already in the works?  Quote Multi Quote # 9 Newbie UserID: 2099858 Join: 23-09-2010 Posts: 69    Today 08:21 do not forget ... photocopy machine  Quote Multi Quote # 10 yuriefun Kaskus Addict UserID: 519 527 Join: 06-08-2008 Posts: 1,133    Today 10:01 "Not all inventors are driven to make money, but some would like to make a contribution to the common good."  Quote Multi Quote # 11 bonebine Kaskuser UserID: 721 719 Join: 08-03-2009 Posts: 162    Today 10:09 It was they who gk want matenin what is not allowed to make patent gan. In fact the whole thing by using that for all circles kan.malah in business area jg kasian so yes  Quote Multi Quote # 12 vian101189 Newbie UserID: 5187451 Join: 16-02-2013 Posts: 82    Today 10:13 supposed to get a meritorious orang2 something tuh .. minimum award ..  Quote Multi Quote # 13 vanhusen Kaskus Addict UserID: 2910130 Join: 04-05-2011 Posts: 1,257    Today 10:16 kasian wah yah its penumu gk interchangeable fuit  Quote Multi Quote # 14 vizarul Newbie UserID: 4514212 Join: 06-07-2012 Posts: 8    Today 10:16 Keren2 wih ya actually penemuanya, tp ya gt g dihargain his efforts .. At least on my birthday in kek!!. The most melancholic look inventors mouse Last edited by: vizarul Today 10:21 Multi Quote Quote # 15 valexander95 Kaskus Maniac UserID: 2490106 Join: 18-01-2011 Posts: 6,436    Today 10:17 hovercraft tuh yg cool invention  Quote Multi Quote # 16 legemm Kaskus Addict UserID: 2442329 Join: 05-01-2011 Posts: 3,685    Today 10:18 wah time anyway to make money dear bgt ga ya yah have given her a little lah award  Quote Multi Quote # 17 Thespektra Kaskus activists UserID: 3819065 Join: 24-12-2011 Posts: 656    Today 10:19 gan cool  Quote Multi Quote # 18 d7P Kaskus Holic UserID: 4536975 Join: 13-07-2012 Posts: 926    Today 10:24 if found not oriented towards money seem to not matter but kasian also already cape2 ga ya can apa2  Quote Multi Quote # 19 merrywulan Kaskuser UserID: 1819835 Join: 27-06-2010 Posts: 369    Today 10:42 kasian the mouse gan nemuin  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply  Previous Thread Next Thread

BB 10 Less Code, Blackberry Pun Back Losses! [These two reasons!!]

BB 10 Less Code, Blackberry Pun Back Losses! [These two reasons!!] Today 10:05 From the results of Q1 report 2013 blackberry admitted yesterday managed to sell 6.8 million units of blackberry, of which they only managed to sell 2.7 million handset cantik tas kantor wanita s blackberry 10 (Q10 and Z10) missed their own predictions that 3 million units BB10 handsets. With a bad report card like the Blackberry was again lost, as long as their Q1 loss of 84 million dollars down from the same quarter last year is 518 million dollars. This report makes the blackberry share price on the Nasdaq plunged 27.8% on Friday yesterday. Quote: Of specification Z10 and Q10 is better and faster than most Android smartphones (lowend), but in terms of both price flagship Blackberry smartphone is far more expensive than most flagship Android smartphone like the Galaxy S4, HTC, Nexus 4 and others. Nich gan news source: Comments TS: hell yeah, its true Z10 and Q10 price is very expensive,, weve function is already much better than the old BB, but still wrote the price  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 850    Today 10:05 whoa gan cook anyway? feeling tuh behavior  Quote Multi Quote # 3 uponkas Kaskus Holic UserID: 5251252 Join: 08-03-2013 Posts: 871    Today 10:06   I think no one's gonna bankrupt ya Last edited by: uponkas Today 10:08 Multi Quote Quote # 4 damnboy1 Newbie UserID: 5474018 Join: 15-05-2013 Posts: 48    Today 10:06 Ane lbih Amendment android than belekberi Last edited by: damnboy1 Today 10:07 Multi Quote Quote # 5 fathinirwana Newbie UserID: 1120164 Join: 02-10-2009 Posts: 65    Today 10:09 Her price is overpriced, try 1 million must be sold  Quote Multi Quote # 6 untal12051994 Kaskus Addict UserID: 2867102 Join: 23-04-2011 Posts: 3,350    Today 10:11 finally, who would like a cheap market yes + fitur2 attractive and superior. and ane pake nokia tetep favorite  Quote Multi Quote # 7 rifkyalfathan Kaskus Addict UserID: 4720083 Join: 11-09-2012 Posts: 1,134    Today 10:11 should the price is still below 5 Millions.  Quote Multi Quote # 8 rafianoti Kaskus Addict UserID: 277 891 Join: 22-05-2007 Posts: 1,450    Today 10:15 want to sell any, BB lakuuuuu going ga ..........  Quote Multi Quote # 9 ucupthea Kaskus Holic UserID: 1236547 Join: 30-11-2009 Posts: 871    Today 10:27 android iphone era already ama ... sayah as BB users can only envy others who have ama ...  Quote Multi Quote Post Reply  Previous Thread Next Thread

Free Blackberry Z10 for serious (NO HOAX)

Free Blackberry Z10 for serious (NO HOAX) Today 10:21 Quote: On occasion this time I will share information about the latest cool gadget cantik beli tas online contests with prizes Gan know. Want to know what is the prize? This contest presented 3 pieces cool phone, the Q10 Blackberry, Blackberry Z10 and S89 Miracle IMO. Want to follow? Here's how: Theme: PULSE Click & Win 2 Period: June 7th - July 7, 2013 Gifts: Blackberry Q10 Blackberry Z10 IMO S89 Miracle How to: Click on this Banner: Click on REGISTER and fill in the personal data form provided in accordance Then you add points by attending various games. Congratulations to follow gan I hope you're lucky. Good Luck!! Quote: one of the winners click & win 1  Quote Multi Quote KaskusAd - Create an Army Chief of Staff / Create an Ad KASAD # 2 raja_cendol [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5610000 Join: 26-06-2013 Posts: 845    Today 10:22 ah yah gan hoax times  Quote Multi Quote # 3 azhar121 Newbie UserID: 5544897 Join: 06-06-2013 Posts: 4    Today 10:27 Quote: Original Posted By raja_cendol ► ah yah gan hoax times HOAX ane Dare Telen Sandals Agan  Quote Multi Quote # 4 Pazonda95 Kaskus Geek UserID: 2665390 Join: 05-03-2011 Posts: 24.928    Today 10:30 klo which means paying serious ga dong  Quote Multi Quote # 5 sintamasayu Newbie UserID: 5613373 Join: 27-06-2013 Posts: 21    Today 10:33 widddiiihh cool ya, kid Indonesian nation make the show kyk thingies. ane hopefully get a gan  Quote Multi Quote # 6 shara .. Kaskus activists UserID: 1692080 Join: 19-05-2010 Posts: 744    Today 10:35 there refferalnya.  Quote Multi Quote # 7 abunabila [$] Kaskus Donator UserID: 5205794 Join: 22-02-2013 Post: 8.877    Today 10:35 Quote: Original Posted By Pazonda95 ► klo which means paying serious ga dong iya gan. capekdeh  Quote Multi Quote # 8 azhar121 Newbie UserID: 5544897 Join: 06-06-2013 Posts: 4    Today 11:03 Quote: Original Posted By Pazonda95 ► klo which means paying serious ga dong Where to pay? awesome, I mean seriously it's that, I'll get a game for serious maenin points that much,,,  Quote Multi Quote # 9 azhar121 Newbie UserID: 5544897 Join: 06-06-2013 Posts: 4    Today 11:04 Quote: Original Posted By abunabila ► iya gan. capekdeh awesome

10 Gedung Runtuh Paling Heboh Di Dunia

0 Gedung Runtuh Paling Heboh Di Dunia Today 10:36 Peristiwa yang tiba-tiba terjadi dan mengerikan, keruntuhan bangunan besar telah menyebabkan cantik koleksi tas terbaru tragedi yang tak terhitung jumlahnya sepanjang sejarah. Dalam beberapa kasus, tidak lebih dari sepuluh detik untuk membuat bangunan-bangunan yang menjulang tinggi tiba-tiba menerjang runtuh, berubah menjadi gundukan puing membara hancur dan mengubur semua orang di dalamya. Sementara banyak faktor yang lain adalah kesalahan konstruksi bangunan, kurangnya standar keselamatan yang tepat. Berkut ini 10 Gedung Runtuh Paling Heboh Di Dunia : 10. Ronan Point, London, England. Di London Timur, pada tanggal 16 Mei 1968, sebuah korek api adalah penyebab dari runtuhnya bangunan ini gan, seorang wanita bernama Ivy Hodge awalnya cuma ingin membuat secangkir teh, tapi percikan korek api menyebabkan ledakan sebuah gas, ada 260 org dalam bangunan tsb, yg mengejutkan korban meninggalnya hanya 4 orang dan 17 luka-luka. 9. Highland Towers, Selangor, Malaysia Pada pukul 01:35, pada tanggal 11 Desember 1993, tanah longsor dengan kekuatan 200 jumbo jet mengakibatkan dasar Blok Salah satu kompleks apartemen Towers Highland ambruk. Saksi mata menggambarkan jatuhnya bangunan seperti "gerakan lambat," yang diikuti oleh keheningan. kesalahan konstruksi merupakan faktor penyebabnya. 8. Delhi Building Collapse, New Delhi, India Pada tanggal 15 November 2010, musim hujan dan sungai yang membanjir terlalu besar dan menyebabkan sebuah bangunan rumah petak yang buruk ambruk. Tragisnya, 67 orang tewas dalam keruntuhan dan 150 lebih terluka. 7. Skyline Plaza, Virginia, USA Pada tanggal 2 Maret 1973, tragedi melanda Skyline Plaza di Crossroads Bailey, Virginia. Salah satu bangunan yang menjulang di kompleks apartemen itu runtuh, meninggalkan awan, debu dan puing-puing. Mungkin mengejutkan, konstruksi bahkan belum selesai pada saat bencana. Bangunan itu tidak akan dibuka sampai Agustus.14 pekerja tewas dan 34 luka-luka. 6. Royal Plaza Hotel, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand Pada tanggal 13 Agustus 1993, pada sekitar pukul 10.00 WIB, Royal Plaza Hotel di Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand runtuh dalam waktu kurang dari 10 detik, 1,6 detik per lantai! Tragisnya, 137 orang tewas dan 227 lainnya terluka dalam keruntuhan. 5. Lotus Riverside Compound, Shanghai, China Pada tanggal 27 Juni 2009, Blok 7, salah satu gedung dengan 13 lantai bangunan apartemen Lotus Riverside di Shanghai, terguling, dalam keadaan benar-benar utuh. dikarenakan tanah yang labil dan gembur. 4. Hotel New World, Singapore Pada tanggal 15 Maret 1986, Hotel New World runtuh dalam waktu kurang dari 60 detik. Bangunan yang terdiri dari hotel, bank, dan sebuah klub malam, semuanya hancur menjadi tumpukan batu dan logam bengkok, mengubur 50 orang di dalamya. Itu adalah bencana terburuk Singapura setelah mengalami Perang Dunia II. 3. Three High-Rise Office Buildings, Rio, Brazil Pada tanggal 26 Januari 2012, sebuah bangunan 20 lantai di Rio de Janeiro, Brasil spontan runtuh. Para bangunan raksasa bertingkat tinggi menabrak bangunan bertingkat lainnya Dampaknya mengirimkan gelombang besar debu dan detritus melalui jalan-jalan Cinelandia, menewaskan sedikitnya 17 orang. 2. Sampoong Department Store, Seoul, South Korea Pada tanggal 29 Juni 1995, dalam 20 detik, Departemen Sampoong Store di Seoul, Korea Selatan jatuh ke tanah, menewaskan 502 orang dan melukai 937. Konstruksi jelek menyebabkan bencana terbesar dalam masa damai sejarah Korea Selatan. 1. Twin Towers, New York City, USA Tanpa diragukan lagi, runtuhnya bangunan yang paling dahsyat dalam sejarah adalah World Trade Center, pada 11 September 2001. Menara Kembar itu direkayasa menggunakan baja ringan, inti pusat, dan desain egg-crate. Dengan kata lain, jika salah satu kolom atau pilar runtuh, maka pilar yang lain akan runtuh pula. Multi Quote Quote KaskusAd – Create an KasAD/Buat Iklan KasAD #2 flyingonone Newbie UserID: 2060993 Join: 12-09-2010 Post: 50 Today 10:51 yang di china gan, bisa ke guling utuh gitu

tempat beli jual tas blog

tempat beli jual tas

tempat beli jual tas

hallo, kira kira dimana keren tas kantor wanita tempat jual beli aman tas yang keren dan menarik? saya tidak tahu pasti, tetapi mungkin anda bisa menggunakan blog ini sebagai referensi. oke, bagi anda yang kepengen beli online, silakan beli di link ini yah...

10 Burung dengan Rentang Sayap Terlebar di Dunia

10 Burung dengan Rentang Sayap Terlebar di Dunia Today 10:38 #10. Elang Emas (Aquila chrysaetos) Rentang Sayap: 8,2 kaki (2,5 meter) Elang emas keren beli tas online berada di urutan buncit sebagai burung dengan rentang sayap terlebar di dunia. Elang emas juga adalah salah satu elang pemburu yang juga sangat terkenal di kalangan para pecinta burung alam liar. Habitat elang emas banyak ditemukan di bumi belahan bagian utara dan elang emas juga dijadikan sebagai lambang resmi pada bendera Meksiko. #9. Burung Bangau Abu-Abu Bermahkota (Balearica regolorum) Rentang sayap: 8,25 kaki (2,51 meter) Habitat burung bangau abu-abu bermahkota dapat ditemukan di area gurun Sahara benua Afrika. Burung ini mempunyai ritual kimpoi yang cukup unik yaitu dengan cara berdansa. #8. Burung Nasar California (Gymnogyps californianus) Rentang sayap: 9,1 kaki (2,8 meter) Selain masuk sebagai burung dengan rentang sayap terlebar di dunia, burung Nasar California juga merupakan burung terbesar bagian Amerika Utara. Burung ini jugadikategorikan hampir punah oleh para ilmuwan beberapa puluh tahun yang lalu. Namun sekarang burung Nasar mengalami pengingkatan karena ada program antara pemerintah dengan ilmuwan untuk melestarikan burung ini. #7. Burung Manyar Griffon (Gyps fulvus) Rentang sayap: 9,2 kaki (2,85 meter) Gambar di atas adalah gambar burung manyar raksasa yang berukuran 3 kaki dari ujung paruhnya sampai ujung ekornya. Burung manyar berburu mangsa diangkasa secara berkelompok maupun perorangan. Habitat burung ini dapat ditemukan Eropa Selatan, Afrika Utara dan sebagian kecil di Asia. Burung manyar bertelur di tebing-tebing tinggi yang curam (mereka gak takut tinggi gan!). #6. Burung Manyar Berjenggot (Gypaetus barbatus) Rentang sayap: 9,8 kaki (3 meter) Berjenggot? Serius gan, burung ini ada jenggotnya. Burung ini benar-benar gagah bila lagi terbang kan ada jenggotnya! Hhe. Gak kayak burung kebanyakan, burung manyar berjenggot ini gak mempunyai karakteristik gundul kayak burung kebanyakan. Habitatnya ada dipegunungan-pegunungan tinggi Afrika, Eropa, India, Pakistan dan Tibet. Mereka juga pemakan bangkai seperti burung manyar kebanyakan. Mereka pernah dilaporkan terbang 24 ribu kaki di udara! Gak tau benar atau gak tapi nih burung benar-benar awesome! #5. Angsa Peteriak (Cygnus cygnus) Rentang sayap: 9,8 kaki (3 meter) Selain sebagai burung dengan rentang sayap terlebar di dunia, angsa peteriak juga salah satu angsa terberat di dunia. Angsa peteriak biasa ditemukan di Eropa Utara dan Asia Timur. Mereka biasa terbang hanya untuk bertelur di daratan Eurasia. #4. Burung Kondor Andean (Vultur gryphus) Rentang sayap: 11 kaki (3,4 meter) Burung besar ini biasa berkeliaran di gunung Andean, Amerika Selatan. Burung ini cuma gak makan bangkai, dia juga sering ngeburu mamalia dari yang berukuran kecil hingga seukuran monyet. Mereka belum kimpoi sebelum usia mereka menginjak 8 tahun. Burung kondor ini bisa hidup hingga 60 tahun lamanya. #3. Bangau Marabou (Leptoptilos crumeniferus) Rentang sayap: 11,2 kaki (3,43 meter) Burung bangau ini juga pemakan bangkai. Burung ini hidup di area yang ada airnya serta juga sering ditemukan di area tandus gurun Sahara. #2. Burung Pelikan Putih Besar (Pelecanus onocrotalus) Rentang sayap: 11,8 kaki (3,6 meter) Ini bukan pelikan Amerika. Burung pelikan besar ini sering ditemukan di daerah Afrika Selatan, Timur Tengah dan Vietnam. Seperti pelikan pada umumnya, salah satu burung dengan rentang sayap terlebar di dunia ini makananya adalah makhluk-makhluk laut, terutama ikan. Mereka terkenal membuat koloni yang cukup besar. Yang paling fenomenal adalah mereka pernah terlihat berkumpul bersama sekitar 75 ribu di negara Tanzania. #1. Albatross Pengembara (Diomedea exulans) Rentang sayap: 11,8 kaki (3,6 meter) Inilah burung yang menempati urutan pertama sebagai burung dengan rentang sayap terlebar di dunia. Albatross Pengembara, mereka menghabiskan hidupnya di udara dan lautan. Mereka hanya ke daratan kalau musim kimpoi. Burung ini akan bertelur di daerah pulau-pulau Crozet, pulau selatan Georgia, pulau-pulau Kerguelen, pulau Macquarie serta pulau-pulau Prince Edward. Pernah ada laporan bahwa bentang sayap mereka bisa mencapai 17 kaki dan ukuran tubuhnya mencapai 5 kaki! Dengan sayap selebar itu, burung Albatross bisa dengan mudah menyusuri lautan tanpa mengepakkan sayapnya. Sayangnya, burung raksasa ini populasinya telah menurun 30% selama 70 tahun belakangan. Perburuan bukan satu-satunya ancaman yang menyebabkan populasi mereka menurun. Polusi laut juga merupakan ancaman mereka. Albatross dewasa yang memberi makan anak-anak mereka dengan sampah plastik akhirnya membuat keturunan-keturunan burung itu mati dalam usia muda. Kebacokeeddddddddd Berapa kali Ni orang Ya . . . ??? ✁ ✂ ✄[ABORSI] Ketika Yang Tidak Berdosa Menjadi Korban ✁ ✂ ✄ ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏ Ketika Kepala Kecium Shotgun . . . ! ! !๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏ ***Telanjang Bulat Dan Bermasker Celana Dalam . . . ! ! !*** (⌣́_⌣̀) Aspal Kok Buat Tiduran,Tiduran Kok Di Aspal . . . ! ! ! (⌣́_⌣̀) ~~~Telanjang Bulat Di Semak Semak Mpe Hitam Pekat . . . ! ! !~~~ [Anak Kecil Gak Boleh Masuk . . . ! ! !] Penyakit Memexx 'Blue Waffles' ⊙▂⊙Cewek Cakep Tiduran Di jalan⊙▂⊙ [MEMEXXX] Mlonyot Mpe Memeknya Gak Berbentuk . . . ! ! ! Ditikam Sampai Mati Oleh Saudaranya . . . ! ! ! {Pic+Video] Penetasan Telor . . . ! ! ! {Pic+Video] ¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°``°Tertusuk Balok Besi Di Dada & Masih HIdup ! ! !`°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸ [News] Pembutan Robocop Real Dari Manusia Dedel Doel Duel Doel . . . ! ! ! Sedikit Sisa Koleksi Newbi Di HD :beer: {HOT} Proses Pembelahan Daging Orang [Raja Tega] Siapa Yang Di Depanya Pasti Kan Di Hajar ! ! ! Tabraxxx Gepeng . . . ! ! ! (¬_¬") Macam Macam Bentuk Kelapa Dari Seluruh Dunia . . . ! ! ! (¬_¬") Operasi darurat untuk menggantikan aorta dan mitral . . . ! ! ! (Hot Trit) LakaLantas LaluTewas . . . ! ! ! [Berbusa]___! ! ! ...Uget Uget . . . ! ! !___[Berbusa] Penyakit Tiroid Sejenis Tumor Ganas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ [ Bersyukurlah ] ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ [CETAR MEMBAHANA] Ritual Massal Penyiksaan Diri . . . ! ! ! [ CETAR MENGGELEGAR 17+] Ketika Maling Ketangkep Bugil . . . ! ! ! Oprasi Pengangkatan Biji Kon*ol . . . ! ! ! [FIGHTING] Kesodok Kereta Sampai Cetar Membahenol Kemana Manah . . . ! ! ! (Help)Lounge barusan kebakaran gr" ni trit pndh sndri ke lounge :ngakak Ketika Tangan Dan Kaki Terkelupas Bahkan Terpotong . . . ! ! ! Udah Mokad Pun Masih Di Borgol . . . ! ! ! Ni Penyakit apa ya gan? Banyak Yang Cinta Damai,Tapi Perang Semakin Ramai . . . ! ! ! Yang Suka Titit Bakar Masuo Gan . . . ! ! ! Mayatpun Bisa Jadi Model . . . ! ! ! Rempah Rempah Yang Ada Di Tubuh Kita (Incident) Pala Ancur,Otak Keluar & IGO 16 + [News] Tempurung" Kelapa Yang Malang . . . ! ! ! Jangan Lupa Pakai Helm Lho Naik Motor . . . ! ! ! Bacoked Rica Ricaked . . . ! ! ! Trit Andalan Ane Yang Slalu Updet Code: [UPDATE] Kumpulan Laka Lantas Dari Seluruh Dunia . . . !!!

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Angel Lelga, Sembilan Tahun Setia pada Tas Hermes keren koleksi tas terbaru Kegemaran Angel Lelga terhadap tas Hermes sudah bukan rahasia lagi. Tidak ada kesempatan bagi tas branded lainnya untuk berada di jinjingan tangan artis yang alih profesi jadi pebisnis Senin, 13/05/2013 13:04 WIB - Belanja Murah Meriah di Singapura, Mustafa Center Tempatnya Jika long weekend kali ini Anda berlibur ke Singapura, maka jangan lupa mampir ke Mustafa Center di Little India. Inilah tempatnya pusat perbelanjaan yang murah di Singapura. Aneka oleh-oleh ala Singapura pun tersedia Rabu, 08/05/2013 16:30 WIB - 'Sulap' Kulit Kambing Jadi Karpet, Wanita Ini Raup Rp 200 Juta/Bulan Sementara untuk yang polos (natural), harga jualnya lebih murah hanya Rp 300.000 per produknya. "Karpet ini dari kulit kambing asli, hand painted. Jumat, 26/04/2013 10:57 WIB - Tas Hermes & Zara Imitasi Made in Bogor & Ciledug Laku Hingga ke Singapura Tas-tas bermerek seperti Hermes dan Zara imitasi alias abal-abal yang beredar di Tanah Abang, bukan hanya diproduksi di China. Di dalam negeri, Rabu, 24/04/2013 16:05 WIB - Tas Hermes & Zara Abal-abal Laris di Purbalingga Hingga Manado Produk tas bermerek seperti Hermes dan Zara imitasi atau abal-abal banyak juga diminati di daerah selain Jakarta seperti Purbalingga, Manado, Kalimantan, Makassar, Gorontalo dan jual TasZARA ? MARRY ? NICOLE ? MIDDIE TOTE ? Replika... BAGUSSSSS By gurasechan Tas, Dompet 1,097 08-10-2012 12:13:10 Rp. 0 jual GW PAJAMAS (PIYAMA GW) DAN SETS GW(STELAN ROK-ATASAN) DIJAMIN BAGUSSS..... By khalila11 Anak-Anak 29 07-10-2012 17:12:04 Rp. 0 jual Tanah Kavling 367 m2 Prospek Investasi (view bagus) By Rachman32 Tanah 36 07-10-2012 13:22:55 Rp. 0 jual taskeren dan bagus cocok utk jalan jalan By vonder99 Tas, Dompet 60 05-10-2012 20:42:46 Rp. 0 jual Tasbackpack, travel, olahraga, kerja, kantor, murah meriah bahan bagus reseller By suprememgs Tas, Dompet 321 04-10-2012 14:20:29 Rp. 0 jual ▒▓█▀▄ TASdan DOMPET CANTIK/BAGUS/MURAH/BERKUALITAS/SECOND u/CEWEK/WANITA ▀▄█▓▒ By qiqy.aries Tas, Dompet 368 01-10-2012 22:42:52 Rp. 99 jual Rumah siap huni bagusuntuk investasi By Rumahrumahmurah Rumah 90 28-09-2012 19:24:05 Rp. 0 jual TasGOSH original second masih bagus. Harga Best offers aja By superservo Tas, Dompet 1,567 28-09-2012 16:44:46 Rp. 212 jual Taspaha,pinggang,selempang eiger dot bagus keren murahh By supeeertramp Tas, Dompet 1,041 26-09-2012 21:40:50 Rp. 0 jual Taspaha,pinggang,selempang eiger dot bagus keren murah By supeeertramp Tas, Dompet 350 26-09-2012 21:24:59 Rp. 0 jual Rumah BagusMurah di Serpong Terrace dkt BSD Stasiun Rawa buntu, Tmn Kota 2 By zeviro Rumah 1,523 26-09-2012 20:11:52 Rp. 123 jual Tanah investasi bagusdi daerah depan Kampus Maranatha Bandung By Bemshead Tanah 264 22-09-2012 10:11:48 Rp. 0 jual tasThink pad kulit masih bagus gan By tevez23 Aksesoris Komputer 66 21-09-2012 01:07:13 Rp. 0 jual Sale tasimport cewe kualitas bagus harga bersaing By Tas, Dompet 678 19-09-2012 19:12:51 Rp. 88,888,888 jual jual taswebe dan annabele murah meriah kualitas dijamin bagus By Ma_reea Tas, Dompet 490 18-09-2012 22:40:05 Rp. 0 jual TasLowepro Computrekker AW.. Bagus banget dan murah tentunya.. By gaklucu47 Kamera & Aksesoris 436 17-09-2012 20:29:47 Rp. 0 jual Ingin investasi / bisnis kost-kostan? Ada peluang bagusini gan, silahkan dicek ! By tommysugito Peluang Bisnis 194 16-09-2012 18:33:00 Rp. 0 jual Jual Gantungan, Tas, Bantal Emot Icon BB Bagusdan Berkualitas By 1khl4z Aksesoris 196 14-09-2012 20:53:09 Rp. 25,000 jual JUAL READY tas,dompet,belt MERK MACAM-MACAM!! Harga terjangkau dan kualitasBAGUS! By Kharisma32 Tas, Dompet 297 13-09-2012 19:42:35 Rp. 0 jual Bongkar Lemari, baju, tas, sepatu, murah kondisi bagus^_^ By michi mom Fashion & Mode 325 10-09-2012 13:15:30 Rp. 0 Toko Baju Online Jual Atasan Wanita Dress Ecer Grosir Reseller Murah 33 views - - 203 day ago - Sobat bisnis kali ini membahas tentang " Toko Baju Online Jual Atasan Wanita Dress Ecer Grosir ... Jual Tas Chloe, Kulit, Tas jinjing | Tas Wanita 25 views - - 205 day ago Tas keren dari Chloe dengan bahan kulit berkualitas, tas yang bisa digunakan dengan dijinjing(tali tas model tali kepang ukuran 48 cm ), disandang dib...

Jual Tas Cewek Import Murah Berkualitas Bagus

jual Jual TasCewek Import Murah Berkualitas Bagus By sweet.bele Tas, Dompet 540 24-10-2012 22:59:54 Rp. 200,000 DKI Jakarta jual Tasselempang Cowok / cowo 100% IMPORT Kualitas BAGUS ( Mont Blanc, AIGNER, SF, BALLY By hartman terbaik tas kantor wanita _hnz Tas, Dompet 749 24-10-2012 15:49:09 Rp. 1 Jawa Barat jual JAKET KULIT ASLI BUKAN IMITASI MODEL MANTAP HITAM BAGUSONLY 300 RIBU!! By CUPCAKES.HOLIC Jaket, Hoodie, Sweater 271 24-10-2012 14:03:18 Rp. 300,000 Jawa Barat jual Tanah Kavling di daerah Bukit Indah Ciputat, investasi bagusdan siap dibangun. By jodie Tanah 859 23-10-2012 14:55:47 Rp. 123 Banten jual TasCewek, Berkualitas, Bagus, Check Them Out --> By iichocolate Aksesoris 88 23-10-2012 10:49:31 Rp. 123,456 Jawa Barat jual JUAL TasAnak Skip Hop - Seri Binatang, MURAH, Bagus, Lucu By gabhel Perlengkapan Anak & Bayi 849 23-10-2012 09:21:27 Rp. 123 DKI Jakarta jual jual Tasbagus buat cewek2.. bisa dipake shopping, arisan dan dalam keadaan apapun :D By vin.kaskus Tas, Dompet 99 22-10-2012 22:09:47 Rp. 45,000 Jawa Barat jual jual Tasbagus buat cewek2.. bisa dipake shopping, arisan dan dalam keadaan apapun :D By vin.kaskus Tas, Dompet 111 17-10-2012 22:30:24 Rp. 123,456 jual Boneka, Tas, Pouch, SMURF, PAPA SMURF, SMURFIN bahan bagusharga murah By dewi2206 Action Figures 1,555 17-10-2012 13:14:52 Rp. 1 jual TasLacoste SALE!! Ransel Bagus, Kecil&Besar, Jngn sampai kehabisaan[Klik Here]=D Thx By lacostesale Tas, Dompet 1,209 16-10-2012 00:30:34 Rp. 0 jual TasNotebokk TOSHIBA dan AXIOO 2nd Masih Bagus By picko777 Tas, Dompet 225 13-10-2012 10:55:15 Rp. 80,000 jual tasoriginal benq bisa model sandang bagus By arenotravis Aksesoris Komputer 108 12-10-2012 23:23:06 Rp. 0 jual TasPurse Tocco Toscano Leather Red Original Branded Second Bekas Kondisi Bagus By santacruz123 Tas, Dompet 141 12-10-2012 21:19:54 Rp. 1 jual jual tasbagus cuma 15000 saja!! LAST STOCKKK!!! By Ma_reea Tas, Dompet 53 11-10-2012 22:22:22 Rp. 0 jual TasRansel Elle Paris Original Branded Second/Bekas/2nd Kondisi msh Bagus By murni0132 Tas, Dompet 481 11-10-2012 19:36:03 Rp. 1 jual TasWorld Polo Sling Original Branded Second/Bekas/2nd Kondisi msh Bagus By murni0132 Tas, Dompet 141 11-10-2012 19:32:05 Rp. 1 jual jual tasvintage cewek kualitas bagus harga terjangkau By ranran.vintage Tas, Dompet 468 10-10-2012 22:48:53 Rp. 0 jual Flipers Shop Import Fashion Bag / TasMurah dan Berkualitas Bagus ! By Flipersshop Tas, Dompet 443 09-10-2012 22:52:26 Rp. 123,456,789 jual JUAL CEPAT!! TASMODEL KOREA, BAGUS, ASLI... By Melisabest Tas, Dompet 161 09-10-2012 10:07:19 Rp. 0 jual Tanah Kariangau BAGUSBGTTT UNTUK INVESTASI DAN GUDANG By chakranda Tanah 191 08-10-2012 18:33:57 Rp. 0 Joke Pagi | Unik Aneh 4 views - - 198 day ago Beberapa orang pria ada dalam locker room pada sebuah club golf elite. Tiba2 sebuah HP berdering. Setelah 4-5 deringan barulah seorang pria menjwbny... 4 Model Sepatu Yang Unik 10 views - - 198 day ago 1. Kaos kaki serbaguna Keren nih bro kaos kaki ada resleting nya, serbaguna banget buat nyimpen2 sesuatu kalo lagi ga bawa tas ato celana kita kan... Tas Hello Kitty Trendy|The Best Prices By Far! 10 views - - 198 day ago Tas Hello Kitty yang begitu keren dan modis dengan kualitas import. Terbuat dari bahan kain terdiri dua warna dasar merah dan hitam dengan karakter He... Tas Slempang Princess|The Best Prices By Far! 17 views - - 202 day ago Rp.37,500 Lihatlah...begitu keren tas slempang dari Princess ini. Bisa bergaya dengan model slempang yang trendy. Warna pinknya begitu cantik untuk... The Cars Lunch Bag|The Best Prices By Far! 19 views - - 202 day ago Rp.55,000 Lunch Bag imut-imut berbentuk mobil dari The CarsSelain bisa dijinjing juga bisa dislempang lo...!!!Keren sekali bentuknya buat adik-adik... 8 Kebiasaan Buruk Para Backpacker Tidak membereskan bekas pemakaian Banyak backpacker tinggal di hotel murah atau dormitori, berbagi fasilitas dengan orang lain. Oleh karena itu, penting bagi para backpacker untuk Senin, 27/05/2013 12:29 WIB - Harga Produk Fesyen Bermerek di Jakarta Lebih Murah 30% daripada KL Pebisnis ritel dalam negeri mengklaim harga-harga produk fesyen bermerek di Jakarta jauh lebih murah 30% daripada produk fesyen di Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Hal ini menjadi daya pikat Festival Jakarta Great Sale Kamis, 23/05/2013 18:51 WIB - Berburu Merchandise KPop Murah di Myeongdong Underground Saat di Seoul, para penikmat KPop memang bisa membeli album-album resmi di Everysing atau Cube Ent Cafe. Tapi, jika ada yang lebih murah, kenapa tidak? Myeongdong Underground lah tempatnya! Selain dipenuhi oleh toko

tas model keren harga murah

Gara-gara Alergi Nikel, Wanita Ini Tak Bisa Memakai Bra 000 item yang mengandung logam nikel, mulai dari baterai, peralatan masak, kitchen sink, penjepit kertas, risleting, kunci mobil, gagang pintu, gunting, uang logam, kancing celana jins, pengait bra, sabuk, kacamata, Kamis, 20/06/2013 12:28 WIB - Menjajal Fujifilm X100s, Kamera Modern Bergaya Rangefinder Seringkali tanpa sengaja tombol ini tersentuh dan mudah berpindah dalam terbaik beli tas online posisi on saat dimasukkan ke tas atau casingnya. Dengan banderol harga yang tidak bisa dibilang murah, Jumat, 07/06/2013 14:27 WIB - Tas 'Hermes' Made in Semarang Muncul di JCC Produk tas 'Hermes' ala Semarang, Jawa Tengah muncul di ajang Indonesian Islamic Fashion Festival 2013, di JCC Senayan, Jakarta. Ini bisa menjadi pilihan bagi Anda yang ingin gaya. "Ini untuk semua kalangan dari Dompet Pinggang Kulit Blackberry - Tas Kulit Asli 56 views - - 193 day ago Dompet Blackberry kulit untuk gadget Blackberry atau Handphone kesayangan anda. aksesoris blackberry terbuat dari bahan kulit asli. Dompet Blackberry ... 10 Alasan kenapa payudara sangat mempesona 54 views - - 195 day ago Pria menggilai bagian tubuh wanita yang satu ini. Tetapi jangan salah, wanita pun ternyata juga menyukai payudara yang dimilikinya.Seorang video blogg... Kenapa Harus ada Batman di Tutur Tinular, Parah & Memalukan Banget! 31 views - - 196 day ago Kenapa Harus ada Batman Sampah di Tutur Tinular". Melihat catatan ini saya begitu terpukul melihat perkembangan pertelevisian di negeri tercinta ini, ... Inilah Cara Paling Keren Dan Aneh Ke Sekolah 2 views - - 197 day ago Cara Paling Keren Ke Sekolah,Mungkin dulu selagi kita kecil dan masih bersekolah, biasanya kita menggunakan angkutan umum, sepeda atau berjalan kaki u... jual Jual Gantungan, Tas, Bantal Emot Icon BB Bagusdan Berkualitas By 1khl4z Aksesoris 503 09-11-2012 20:55:52 Rp. 123,456 Sumatera Selatan jual TASBRANDED CEW DAN SEPATU CEW..BAGUS-BAGUS DAN HARGA MURAH MERIAH PASTINYA.. By alfinsimatupang Tas, Dompet 46 09-11-2012 09:57:59 Rp. 1 DKI Jakarta jual TASPINGGANG merk HANES , utk yg suka barang bagus.... By ondo Tas, Dompet 52 08-11-2012 12:20:06 Rp. 200,000 DKI Jakarta jual TasBranded Cewek DISCOUNT "Sist silahkan masuk, barang BAGUS lagi DISCOUNT" By crusade Tas, Dompet 651 08-11-2012 11:31:18 Rp. 100,000 DKI Jakarta jual TASSECOND MERK MARIO Masih bagus baru 1 kali pakai By kuching25 Tas, Dompet 178 07-11-2012 12:25:45 Rp. 123,456 DKI Jakarta jual Tasimport china-korea bagus, good quality By yunscollection Tas, Dompet 42 06-11-2012 20:56:10 Rp. 180,000 DKI Jakarta jual TASBRANDED CEW DAN SEPATU CEW..BAGUS-BAGUS DAN HARGA MURAH MERIAH By alfinsimatupang Tas, Dompet 87 05-11-2012 17:31:57 Rp. 1 DKI Jakarta jual taskulit bagus murah meriah untuk wanita By girens Tas, Dompet 54 05-11-2012 11:43:13 Rp. 123 DKI Jakarta jual grosir dan eceran taswanita harga murah kualitas bagus monggo masuk dulu sis/bro By myeverlasting Tas, Dompet 168 04-11-2012 14:44:50 Rp. 60,000 Jawa Tengah jual TasLaptop, masih bagus, jarang pake, ex hadiah, cuman perlu dibersihkan saja By pulpenmerah Tas, Dompet 52 02-11-2012 17:05:13 Rp. 110,000 DKI Jakarta jual JUAL TASJANSPORT ORIGINAL 100% BARANG BAGUS By fachri81 Tas, Dompet 302 01-11-2012 05:45:37 Rp. 12,345,678 Jawa Barat jual TasJelly Segiempat Motif - Bagus dan Murah By mamanacaca Tas, Dompet 257 30-10-2012 21:26:10 Rp. 65,000 Jawa Barat jual TASBRANDED CEWEK IMPORT BAGUS-BAGUS DAN KWALITAS BAGUS By alfinsimatupang Tas, Dompet 36 30-10-2012 10:39:57 Rp. 1 DKI Jakarta jual Tasbackpack, travel, olahraga, kerja, kantor, murah meriah bahan bagus reseller By dewi2206 Tas, Dompet 173 29-10-2012 15:08:25 Rp. 1 Jawa Barat jual tasbagus ga pake mahal By januaryku Tas, Dompet 124 28-10-2012 15:01:03 Rp. 85,000 Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta jual Bongkar Almari (Again), Tasdan Dompet Guess ORI (Ladies), bagus dan murah By joeka Tas, Dompet 118 28-10-2012 09:28:40 Rp. 300,000 Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta jual Rumah dan Tanah di Majalaya Bandung, Sangat bagusuntuk investasi...Harga Turun Gan.. By clutz Rumah 63 27-10-2012 21:15:28 Rp. 400,000,000 Jawa Barat jual Rumah dan Tanah di Majalaya Bandung By clutz Rumah 50 27-10-2012 12:34:17 Rp. 400,000,000 Jawa Barat jual TasModel keren dan harga murah By rifancollection Tas, Dompet 66 25-10-2012 16:07:26 Rp. 1,234 Jawa Barat jual Tanah Kavling 367 m2 Prospek Investasi (view bagus) By kalimulya.tanah Tanah 44 25-10-2012 10:25:24 Rp. 348,650,000 Jawa Barat